The Itchy Eyes is my moniker for all things visual but I sign my name as Tricia King.  I fell in love with photography back in the 80s (yes).  In early high school I stumbled across a hidden room underneath a set of stairs and I peeked in to see a darkroom.  The older girls who were using it were super cool, I had much girl crush for them with an old pentax slung over their shoulder and this ability to make images appear like magic in the developing baths.  They took me under their wing, I got my own key to this secret room.  I was hooked.

When school finished I headed straight to art college and got a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Photography from the Queensland College of Art.  I met my love there and shared space with some of the most inspiring artist (Martin Smith, Frankie Piper, Marian Drew, Jay Younger).  I had the opportunity to do work experience which to this day blows my mind thinking about it.


Then I exhibited.  In galleries and sheds and shops and lofts and hole-in-the-wall spaces.  I exhibited my personal work for years and made books.  I did editorial work and was featured in magazines like Yen and Frankie and Maeve.


Now I have taken these years of experience and I have amazing clients for whom I take photographs of their families, their special moments, their weddings and their lives.


I live in Brisbane, Australia with my lovely husband Adam, two beautiful girls Cody and Mika, two cats and three chickens.


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