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Change is a coming!

The blogging silence is due to one thing only – I’m about to change my business name and get a brand new website!! So I’ll be waving goodbye to The Itchy Eyes and introducing Tricia King Photography.  Coming out of hiding! Scary, yes, hella scary but it will be awesome!  All fresh and clean with new [...]

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The Previous Ten Days

My previous ten days have been completely bonkers but insanely fun.  Five weddings plus three other shoots in ten days.  Or something like that. I’m too brain dead right now to remember. I’ve met some great people in the last ten days. Some great families and friends.  I’m stupidly thankful to be able to share [...]

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100 moments

2013 huh. It was quite the year. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have travelled far, met some beautiful kind people and enjoyed time with my family. I am also pretty proud of the body of work I’ve produced. So this is the token 2013 roundup post. There are a billion images below so pack yourself [...]

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Rhys and Desta

  I’m super excited to finally blog the full wedding of Rhys and Desta from earlier this year.  I didn’t share earlier because the amazing Hello May featured the wedding in issue 3 of the print magazine recently and I wanted everyone to see it in all it’s print glory first.  You should still go and [...]

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Ballet Punx

Best. Reception.  

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Chasing Waterfalls

Tim and Demi entertained the idea of a big wedding, but then they just couldn’t wait. Planning a big wedding seemed so far away and they just wanted to get married. So in only six weeks they plotted and planned and schemed and came up with their divine surprise wedding. Friends came along to their [...]

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Punk Wedding

This is not meant to be a full blog post by any means, it’s just that I can’t help myself and so I’m posting a few more images to compliment the leaks already on my Facebook page.  You might have seen the image from the shoot I did the week before their wedding (which is [...]

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Cinema Fashion

I was lucky enough a while back to work with some of my favourite fashiony people on a shoot.  As a wedding photog, fashion is not my every day, its an occasional treat.  BUT I LOVE IT!  And it’s such a treat to work with professionals in this field – accomplished stylists, models and make [...]

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Waterfall Wedding

I was remiss and only put these shots on my Facebook but I know I should blog more!  We went up to a waterfall to take the bridal shots.  The bride – Demi – is so amazing and nimble and like a dancer as she jumped sliently across the rocks. More than once I gasped, [...]

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The Business

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