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100 moments

2013 huh. It was quite the year. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have travelled far, met some beautiful kind people and enjoyed time with my family. I am also pretty proud of the body of work I’ve produced.

So this is the token 2013 roundup post. There are a billion images below so pack yourself some lunch, grab a cuppa and settle on in.  But it’s only a fraction of the things I have seen.

Thank you to every single person who appears in the images below for letting me do what I do and being so stoked with the results.

I’m already twice as booked out in 2014 than I was in the whole of 2013 so I predict my 2014 post in a year’s time will be quite the marathon.


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Red Robin Supper Club – BRUNCH!

So I do prattle on about Red Robin Supper Club I know but I’ve known Chef Rory for a long long time and he’s been part of my iconic food life. I’ve followed him. Yeah, weird (and probably creepy for him). Now I’m totally big on food shows (my number one show is Top Chef) but the idea of following a chef in Brisbane is foreign to me. I have two kids, I don’t get to eat out much, I’m vegetarian – what Chef would have me as a fan. But with Rory and RRSC it’s different. He invokes loyalty and rewards it with one off amazing experiences. The event makes it achievable – I’ve visited Rory in his regular workplaces a number of times (Paw Paw Cafe and previously Moray Cafe and Alibi Room) but having an event makes me have to make an effort. And I do.

And I was thinking tonight about the event as such and how it is constantly evolving. That’s almost (but not quite) as exciting as the food. I’ve been to a RRSC dinner at Moray Cafe, a pop up burger joint at Southside Tea Room and now brunch at La Finestra. I’m told there’s a new RRSC in the works, you should do the follow thing to find out more.

Red Robin Supper Club this time was brunch. I took my kids – heaven knows why – but they had an amazing time. Heart shaped waffles with caremalised pecan nuts and shredded apple. They were sold. I had eggs and kale. KALE. So inspired my husband has bought kale seeds to plant in our vege patch. The kale was amazing. And the beans and cornbread. Anything even remotely mexican for breakfast, brunch or dinner is fine by me.

We picked up some goodies on the way home via the table from L’Miao Bakery to keep the experience with us the whole day. New friend Rhiannon got the last Nutella Crack pie (hope it was nice) but she pointed out that the best way to enjoy RRSC is to get a huge table of people and get one of EVERYTHING on the menu and share. All this time I’d been using RRSC as an excuse for a date night with the Mr but I think I’m going to have to change the game plan and follow Rhiannon’s lead.

Not many photos this time as I was too busy stuffing my face.


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Dance Masala

A few weeks ago I was invited to do the promotional shots for the newly established Dance Masala – a Bollywood Dance Academy and performance group in Brisbane. The dancers were incredible. So talented and enthusiastic.  You wouldn’t know it from the pictures but the second we step foot in the studio where we were shooting the air con broke and the dancers worked through 35 degree heat. There is incredible talent in this team, taking their lead from their passionate teacher Drea.

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Red Robin Supper Club

Red Robin Supper Club is a pop up event created and curated by chef Rory Doyle (of Paw Paw fame). The events are typically booked out and much lauded once off nights where Rory constructs his dream menu – predominantly Americana inspired dishes filling a menu which leaves you with choice paralysis trying to work out what to pick. You can see my images of the previous Red Robin Supper Club here.

Tonight was a very different direction. Taking over Southside Tea Room for the night, it was a walk in only event where Rory was slinging burgers with your choice of two classics – the classic cheeseburger with 180gms beef, cheese, pickles, american mustard or the mushroom burger with a roasted portobello mushroom, caramelised onion, herbed mayo, goats cheese. The Southside crew provided the beers and The Madisons providing the sounds later in the night.

Make sure to follow RRSC on Facebook for details of future events. This is my third RRSC and this one was such a different direction to the previous ones so I eagerly await to see where Rory takes it next.


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This afternoon I took a little trip to West End via Bollywood photographing Dance Masala – a Brisbane Bollywood dance company and dance instructors. Such amazing colours and moves. I’ve been researching dance classes for Cody and she was drawn to ballet but at five I was concerned that ballet was too rigid and I just wanted her to hear music and move to it instinctively. I now know that she has to take Bollywood lessons. The whole afternoon was grooving and smiling. Exactly what I want my daughter to learn.

A few sneak peeks tonight. I’m THRILLED with the images so rest assured there will be a full blog post in the near future.

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