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100 moments

2013 huh. It was quite the year. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have travelled far, met some beautiful kind people and enjoyed time with my family. I am also pretty proud of the body of work I’ve produced.

So this is the token 2013 roundup post. There are a billion images below so pack yourself some lunch, grab a cuppa and settle on in.  But it’s only a fraction of the things I have seen.

Thank you to every single person who appears in the images below for letting me do what I do and being so stoked with the results.

I’m already twice as booked out in 2014 than I was in the whole of 2013 so I predict my 2014 post in a year’s time will be quite the marathon.


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Easily two of my favourites of my girls.


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This is how a birthday looks

Blogging personal tonight. I have not attempted a 365 project in 2013 but that doesn’t mean my children suffer from any less amount of photography in their lives. Today was a pretty special day – the second birthday of my baby Mika. I’ve got a lot of followers who love seeing the growth and the cheeky of my girls as well as a ton of family overseas who follow me so I’m taking a break from weddings and other families to concentrate on my own tonight.

Mika is the most extraverted introvert I know. She’s smart and funny and makes faces to get a reaction and cuddles me tighter than any child ever. She’s my baby, my troublemaker.

Each year I (obviously) take a photo of my children to commemorate their birthdays. Here is Mika in 2012 at one and Mika in 2013 at two.

Today we celebrated with breakfast out, a trip to Alma Park Zoo, cake and a Skype from our pals overseas. This is what a birthday looks like when you are two at my house.

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In the past 24 hours…

I have photographed an amazing wedding and hosted a second birthday party for my baby.

I will sleep well tonight!

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Kelly and Graham’s Family

Kelly contacted me to say that she wanted to have a shoot with her newly extended family – she had a 5 year old, a 2 year old and one day old!  I was pretty impressed she had delivered the day before and was vibrant enough to be contacting me to arrange a shoot!  Such a cool family, the girls were obviously pretty smitten with baby brother – though it was awesome to see how bulletproof he was.  In his crib, sleeping soundly next to his mum and dad’s bed – which had a two year old bouncing and squealing on top of it!

Please enjoy a glimpse into the world that Kelly and Graham have created with their sweet family of three.


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All sorts of cute

The little one.  On the second anniversary of her due date.  It was the day the king tides hit brisbane – so many people were displaced and suffering and at the same time we were wondering if we had a safe path to the hospital. Turns out we didn’t need to worry – she didn’t appear for another ten days.


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2012 – the year for kids

2012 was a huge year for my family as well as my photography. It was the year Mika went from being a blobby blob to being a cheeky little girl. It was the year that Cody went to kindy and attained a level of independence and free spirit which makes me so happy every time I look at her. We travelled lots for my work this year and snuck in as many family holidays as we could.

In the spirit of Documenting Delight (a project led by Georgia Brizuea which took a life of its own as a Facebook community of people devoted to documenting) I took the photo a day challenge. You can see them all (well, I stopped posting in October as I ran out of time each day) over on my old website. For now here are some of my favourites from the year.

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2012 – the year for clients

2012 was a huge year for me.  I am pretty sure 2013 will be huge but in a different way.

This was the year that I really established The Itchy Eyes.  The year I worked out direction, workflow, social media, relationships, and business.  I learnt a lot about balancing work and family this year, I learnt a lot about establishing relationships with clients to the point that I want to take each and every one as a new friend and hang out with them all the time.  I’ve been blessed.  A few existing friends have asked me to document their lives but at the same time a ton of people that I’ve never met, that I never knew existed have walked into my life – no idea how they found me – and asked me to capture it.

I have more weddings booked in 2013 than I could have imagined at this point in my life – word of mouth has been an amazing thing for me as an emerging business and my clients have been so warm and friendly and shared the love.

I have documented below an image from most of my shoots (save the internet shy folks). I’m terrible at editing down – you know that by now – but here are some, well LOTS that I love.

Thanks for your support.


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Leaving for Home

A Melbourne family arriving in Brisbane for work. They’ve travelled the world and seen a lot together but finally settled in Brisbane to start a family. But they got homesick. Homesick for Melbourne, homesick for the love of their immediate family by their sides. I completely get that – Adam and I lived and worked in Sydney for a few years before getting the invisible strings pulling us back towards our families. I photographed these guys a mere weeks before they returned to Melbourne, leaving their beautiful Queenslander home on a jacaranda lined street. We captured a part of their Queensland experience and the first images of them together as a family.

I put up one image on Facebook just after we did this shoot a few months back (yes I am bloggingly behind) and I had tons of people ask if Lauren was a model.  Truth is I don’t know but she certainly should be.  She is just BEAUTIFUL.


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Melbourne Farm Family

In October I had the good fortune of being invited to Melbourne to spend time with this family on their farm and photograph their day.  They graciously offered to host my own family and even throw a birthday party for Cody as we spent time there around her birthday.  The farm is about 40 minutes out of Melbourne and the most amazing property of classic rolling hills, horses galloping in paddocks, wildflowers growing all around.  Picture perfect doesn’t begin to do it justice.  In fact my blathering words don’t do it justice.  I’ll let the images do the rest.


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