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100 moments

2013 huh. It was quite the year. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have travelled far, met some beautiful kind people and enjoyed time with my family. I am also pretty proud of the body of work I’ve produced.

So this is the token 2013 roundup post. There are a billion images below so pack yourself some lunch, grab a cuppa and settle on in.  But it’s only a fraction of the things I have seen.

Thank you to every single person who appears in the images below for letting me do what I do and being so stoked with the results.

I’m already twice as booked out in 2014 than I was in the whole of 2013 so I predict my 2014 post in a year’s time will be quite the marathon.


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Random April

There’s a new post up in the RANDOM section.  Life in April in images.  I want to go there? Click on the image below.


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Easily two of my favourites of my girls.


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Wet Weather Road Trip

I am very grateful for how this story ends.  It ends in happiness and electricity and little storm damage after a lovely weekend away.  I know this past weekend was not so happy for many people during the massive storms and floods.


Last year I got a call from Catherine, a Brisbane girl who was marrying an Armidale based boy. She wanted me to photograph her wedding.  Anyone who is familiar with my work and my life knows that at any given time I try to make any opportunity a family trip wherever appropriate, so the decision was made to pack up the family for the Australia Day long weekend and drive the 6ish hour drive to Armidale.


We left early on Friday morning.  As we hit the roundabout in Toowoong (some ten minutes from our house) Cody asked if we were nearly there yet.  It felt like she asked this every ten minutes.  We had a beautiful drive through the country, stopping first in Tenterfield to go in the hedge maze.  Catherine knew a lot of her guests were driving from Brisbane so she put together a list of cool things to do on the way down – which we followed a few of her suggestions with glee.


Armidale was beautiful and we found some great spots to eat and explore.  There was a fair on for Australia Day and the girls got to ride ponies and have a blast whilst I had a great time photographing Catherine and Christian’s wedding (there are a few images up on Facebook if you haven’t already seen them but do look for a blog post in a few weeks).


The heavens opened up that night – we’d been listening to ABC Radio the whole drive down so we knew that it was meant to be big. The whole time we were there we kept our eye on the skies. I packed up the girls early and we hit the road early Sunday morning.  Rains began to fall in buckets and we started passing paddocks becoming submerged.   Impromptu waterfalls gushed through gullies and, saddest of all, was livestock stuck on small patches of grass which would soon be covered over.  As we passed through Cunningham’s Gap the mountains turned white with mist and trees began to fall.  The small trickle of a waterfall we’d seen on the way up was now gushing.  On the radio later we heard that shortly after we had passed through the roads were closed, police were escorting cars down through the Gap and the roads were blocked at Warwick.  We were lucky to make it through.  Super lucky because Cody was due to start school on the Tuesday and I was scared we’d be trapped and not be able to take her (which sadly did happen to a few friends of ours).  Arriving home, we found some bedraggled chickens, some non-plussed cats and a window which had let a few trickles of water in.  We were amazingly fortunate. My thoughts are with those who have experienced loss these storms/floods.


Apparently most of the wedding guests were stuck in Warwick and continued the party – making the best of a bad situation!


It was an exciting road trip to say the least – and a very good reminder when we are travelling out of town by car to give ourselves plenty of time each way as you NEVER know what might happen :-)



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This is how a birthday looks

Blogging personal tonight. I have not attempted a 365 project in 2013 but that doesn’t mean my children suffer from any less amount of photography in their lives. Today was a pretty special day – the second birthday of my baby Mika. I’ve got a lot of followers who love seeing the growth and the cheeky of my girls as well as a ton of family overseas who follow me so I’m taking a break from weddings and other families to concentrate on my own tonight.

Mika is the most extraverted introvert I know. She’s smart and funny and makes faces to get a reaction and cuddles me tighter than any child ever. She’s my baby, my troublemaker.

Each year I (obviously) take a photo of my children to commemorate their birthdays. Here is Mika in 2012 at one and Mika in 2013 at two.

Today we celebrated with breakfast out, a trip to Alma Park Zoo, cake and a Skype from our pals overseas. This is what a birthday looks like when you are two at my house.

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