Rhys and Desta


I’m super excited to finally blog the full wedding of Rhys and Desta from earlier this year.  I didn’t share earlier because the amazing Hello May featured the wedding in issue 3 of the print magazine recently and I wanted everyone to see it in all it’s print glory first.  You should still go and buy Hello May if you haven’t already, images look so much better in print.

So Rhys and Desta were married at Kennilworth Homestead.  It was my first “whole weekend” wedding – I’d never really got why people had weddings out of the way so that people had to stay overnight – but after their wedding I totally get it.  It was a weekend celebration, not simply a celebration that started at a 3pm ceremony and ended when everyone called cabs. I totally understand now.

People started arriving on the Friday and friends and family were instrumental in creating the space for the reception in the hall.  We hung lights, layed out tables, cut and decorated with flowers.  All hands made for light and fun work.  Dads and other dudes got the BBQ going and everyone hung out on the lawn for the night before hitting the cabins.

The next morning the sun shone bright.  It was one of those glorious days.  There was a breakfast BBQ and (thank heavens) a coffee truck for those that were awake. Desta’s sisters camped out at a neighbouring B&B and preened themselves and patted nearby horses.  Desta and her sisters looked INCREDIBLE in their dresses which were designed and created by hand by her sister Safa at AMIRA. Rhys stayed on site and worked to get the final finishing touches on their amazing DIY wedding done right up until the final moments before he was ushered off to get ready.

And then the storm came in.

Everyone put BOM on their phone and watched in horror.  The wedding was delayed for half hour as there was the hope it would pass.  But it wasn’t going to.  Finally a decision was made to move inside the old hall at Kennilworth, an act which I think was possibly a blessing in disguise.  Before it was going to be out amidst the rolling mountains.  The rolling mountains are beautiful, it’s undeniable, but the beauty is challenged by the beauty of 30 of their closest friends and family working together to fill a hall with love and trimmings.  The bridal party walked the length of the hall under the bunting, across the petals to a cast of beaming family and friends to the groom.  He was so overwhelmed at the sight he could hardly look up.

The rest of the day was a blur of awesome.  My favourite marriage celebrant Paul Voge led the proceedings and laughed a knowing laugh when the couple read their independently written but almost identical vows.  Ruffy dog took pride of place being the first to walk in and generally getting lots of lady love all night, the guy certainly knows how to attract the ladies (for the previous 24 hours I’d seen a string of babes at the end of his lead).  The food was good, the music was loud, life was pretty sweet.

And rather than have to catch a cab home or someone be the designated driver, we all just crashed in our cabins and woke up again the next morning to the wondrous sound of the coffee van.

I totally get it.




Wonderful vendors:

Celebrant: Paul Voge Marriage Celebrant (website, facebook)

Dresses: Safa Itote, AMIRA (website, facebook)

Hair: BohoBello Hair (website)

Make Up: Renae Michel Makeup Artistry (facebook)

Venue: Kenilworth Homestead (facebook)

Flower crowns: Heavenly Blooms (website)

Catering: Senor Paela (website)




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  1. Posted January 1, 2014 at 10:44 am by Kenilworth Homestead | Permalink

    We would like to congratulate you on your superb photography featuring Desta & Rhys’ wedding at our gorgeous venue. It is truly remarkable that you have captured the very essence of a Homestead wedding. It delightful thoughtful photography! Hope to see you here again soon.

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