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Chasing Waterfalls

Tim and Demi entertained the idea of a big wedding, but then they just couldn’t wait. Planning a big wedding seemed so far away and they just wanted to get married. So in only six weeks they plotted and planned and schemed and came up with their divine surprise wedding. Friends came along to their favourite bowls club for an engagement party, the couple greeted guests for an hour or so and then slipped off sliently. Under the stairs Demi got ready, whilst watching the CCTV of her guests being asked to climb the back stairs up to the main room. At the top of the stairs they saw a sign and Tim at the altar. Gasps, tears, shock, beaming happiness. There were no “I *knew it*” because nobody ever suspected a thing. It was stealth and secret.

Given their wedding was a surprise and in the late evening, we decided to do formal photos after the wedding. We started back at the same bowls club – the vacant block of land next door with the amazing iron sculptural pipes had been teasing Tim and I every time we met, we knew we had to climb the fence and get in there. Then Demi directed us up Samford way, to a waterfall they’d come to early in their relationship. She delicately tiptoed over the rocks, barefoot, divine in her while dress. I slid on my ass in my jeans. We made some great images.

Please enjoy one of my most down to earth, honest, loving couples ever in what is easily my dream location shoot.

PS. for some reason I’ve been listening to a ton of TLC lately (and even watched the doco on Lisa Left Eye Lopez whilst editing recently) in case you didn’t pick it from the title.


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Waterfall Wedding

I was remiss and only put these shots on my Facebook but I know I should blog more!  We went up to a waterfall to take the bridal shots.  The bride – Demi – is so amazing and nimble and like a dancer as she jumped sliently across the rocks. More than once I gasped, worried about the falls below.  She was so gracefull.  But not me.  I slide down the hill and crawled over the rocks in my jeans on my ass.  A little bit scared, a little bit concerned about the $6K of camera equipment around my neck, a little hesitant about the slippy rocks.  But we did it and got some of my most favourite images to date.


Here is a peek at a few of those images.  More to come soon.



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Surprise Backyard Wedding

Emma and Lee were meant to be together.  They met at a show, nervously plucked up the courage to ask the other out to a festival the next day and have been inseparable ever since.  They are creative and smart and surrounded by great families and loyal friends and welcomed their beautiful son Archer into the world last year.   Friends were invited to have a backyard party for a naming ceremony for Archer one sunny December afternoon, little did they know what they were going to witness.


Lee and Archer dressed to match and Emma got ready in a super cute red dress and they both greeted their guests and hung out for ages.  Emma disappeared for a while, the guests were chatting and drinking and laughing and then suddenly Lee stood up to say a few words.  “Thanks for coming along but we do have another reason to bring you here.  Emma and I are getting married…  Today”.  Gasps and tears and suddenly the very foxy Emma bride emerges from the house to a soundtrack of Catpower’s Sea of Love and walks across the her backyard to Lee and Archer.  A ceremony is held for Archer (a wonderful aunt dressed up as a Dr Seuss inspired character because she thought it was a child’s naming ceremony – and ended up being a witness to the wedding in full Seuss garb), a wedding was had, words were said, tears flowed and there were lots and lots of hugs.


For me, it was such a memorable day.  Being one of a really tiny handful of people who knew the secret I had a great time pretending that Emma and I were longtime friends (“how do you know Emma” “Oh we used to hang out at bands all the time, known her for years, we are so close”) and she’s one of those people who made that spectacularly easy.  I am privileged to have shared the secret, been there for the reveal and documented the day.  Sidenote:  I’ve met a lot of mum’s in my life and I have to say for the record that Jenny – Emma’s mum – is right up there as tops. Please enjoy these moments of their love.


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2012 – the year for clients

2012 was a huge year for me.  I am pretty sure 2013 will be huge but in a different way.

This was the year that I really established The Itchy Eyes.  The year I worked out direction, workflow, social media, relationships, and business.  I learnt a lot about balancing work and family this year, I learnt a lot about establishing relationships with clients to the point that I want to take each and every one as a new friend and hang out with them all the time.  I’ve been blessed.  A few existing friends have asked me to document their lives but at the same time a ton of people that I’ve never met, that I never knew existed have walked into my life – no idea how they found me – and asked me to capture it.

I have more weddings booked in 2013 than I could have imagined at this point in my life – word of mouth has been an amazing thing for me as an emerging business and my clients have been so warm and friendly and shared the love.

I have documented below an image from most of my shoots (save the internet shy folks). I’m terrible at editing down – you know that by now – but here are some, well LOTS that I love.

Thanks for your support.


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One Shot: Melbourne Surprise Wedding



One frame tonight from the beautiful DIY wedding from a few weeks back in Melbourne. The guests turned up expecting a naming ceremony but instead were treated to the joining of husband and wife. It was very special and touching for everyone.



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